I was speaking with a conference organizer a few weeks ago and she asked me which product thought leaders I follow. There were so many that I didn’t know where to start. Jotting down a list led me to think it was valuable to share it out, as all of these people and publications product high quality content. 

Here’s a list of who I’m following right now.


First Round Review – As an alum of a First Round company, I have tremendous respect for the team. Add to that superb commentary and consistently high quality content, and you have the subscription I most look forward to reading.

Andrew Chen – Andrew puts out great content on growth, user engagement, mobile, metrics, and more. Most content starts on Twitter and morphs into an article, so find him @andrewchen or subscribe to the email list.

Inside Intercom – Intercom is a CRM tool with a chatbot as their bread and butter. Their blog chronicles their learnings as a startup and shares their BTDT perspective on design, product management, customer success, and sales and marketing. They also have a tech-focused podcast.

Product Craft – The product blog produced by Pendo, which makes software to track user engagement, user on boarding, feature adoption, and NPS. As you’d expect, the blog focuses on the craft of product management and is worth a read, along with its sister podcast, Product Love.

Signal v. Noise – The blog from Basecamp, formerly 37 Signals. They write about workplace culture, product strategy, management, and more. 

PM Insider – PM Insider relies on a diverse set of writers in the trenches doing product management to create compelling articles on timely subjects. Disclosure: I’m a contributor to the publication.

Product leaders I admire

Podcasts I speed-listen-to

  • This is Product Management by Alpha
  • Reply All
  • The Product Podcast by Product School
  • TED Radio Hour
  • a16z


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